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Dove nasce? (in quale Regione o Stato? Su quale montagna? A che altezza?)
Where does that river rise? (In what region, country, mountain. At which altitude?)

The Po river was born in Crissolo group of Monviso in the Alps Cozie to 2020 metres high.
Quanto è lungo?
How long is it?
The Po river is 652 km long
Qual è la larghezza massima?
How wide is it?
The maximum width of the river Po is 200/400 meters after Mantova
Qual è la profondità massima?
How deep is it?
The maximum depth of the river Po is 120 metres
Qual è la portata massima?
Which is its flow rate?
The maximum flow of the river is some 1,540 m³ / s
Quali regioni o Stati attraversa?
Which regions or countries it flows across?
Regions crossed by the river Po  are 4: Piemonte Lombardia, Veneto and Emilia Romagna
Quali importanti città tocca?
Which important cities it flows through?
The most important cities across the River Po are: Torino, Piacenza, Cremona, Ferrara
     Il Po a Torino
       Il Po a Piacenza
       Il Po a Cremona
         Il Po a Ferrara
E’ navigabile?
Is it a navigable river?
The Po river is navigable from after the city of Pavia
da grandi navi o da piccole barche?
Is that river sailed by small or large size boats or ships?
The commercial navigation  is possible in the Po from Piacenza to the sea for a distance of 382 km.
The navigation tourist with small boats can be on the river almost everything except the high Po.
Quanti e quali sono gli affluenti?
How many and which are its affluents ?
The Po is powered by 141 tributaries. The most important are: 
Maira, Dora Riparia, Dora Baltea, Sesia, Tanaro, Scrivia, Ticino, Trebbia, Curone, Adda, Oglio, Mincio, Secchia, Panaro











Fornisce acqua per quali attività?
Does it yeld water for what activities?
The Po river provides water for civil, industrial and agricultural usage. Its power is also used to produce electricity.
Ci sono esondazioni? In che periodo dell’anno e in che tratti? Sono sempre solo dannose?
Is it responsible for regular floodings? In which part of the year and in what parts of its path it spills? Are its floodings always harmful?
Yes, although sometimes they are simple seasonal floods. In the history of the river there have been some really disastrous ones.
The last ones have been those of 1994 and 2000, but you can remember the Polesine one, in 1951, that had a high tribute of human lifes.
The floods more frequently occur in fall and spring time.
Ci sono periodi di secca? In che periodo dell’anno e in che tratti?
Has it any dryness periods? In which month(s) of the year and in which parts of its path?
The dry periods happen especially in winter and summer, more frequently in the last part of the river, towards its delta. 
Quali animali e piante vivono in questo fiume?
What animal species and plants are living along that river?
Although water pollution has compromised the Po fauna, in the river you can still find fish such as catfish, carp and eel near the delta.
You can find as well fishes like the kingfisher and the “Pendolino”. Finally along the Po banks you can see many cane fields. 
Quali sono i problemi da risolvere per questo fiume? (animali o piante dannosi, inquinamento...)
Are there any problems to be solved for that river? (harmfull plants or animals, pollution...)
The biggest problem for the river is related to its water pollution as it unfortunately receives, through its many tributaries, industrial and agricultural discharges such as  pesticides, herbicides, and sewage of major cities.
Moreover, the introduction in the river of the well known “torpedo fish” that feeds of any living form, has further damaged his ecosystem. 
Il fiume in quale mare sfocia?
Which sea it flows into?
The Po flows into the Adriatic Sea.
La sua foce è a delta o ad estuario?
Is its mouth an estuary or a delta?
His mouth is a large delta.
Entra od esce da qualche lago?
Is it originated by any lake or has a lake in it course?
No it doesn’t
Questo fiume forma cascate?
Does it form waterfalls?
No it doesn’t
Su questo fiume sono nate e si sono sviluppate grandi civiltà?
Have been any great civilitations born and grown around it?
The most important civilization grew around 3000 years ago and consisted of people who lived in villages of fortified piles (culture terramare).
Also in the north, and not only along the banks of the Po, grew the Villanovian civilization that supplanted the terramare culture.



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