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Nineteen questions to our friends of Egypt

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 Nineteen questions to


our friends of Egypt




- What kind of culture do you have?

- Che tipo di cultura avete?

- We have different cultures like pharaonic; ancient Egyptians, gobtic and   Islamic

- What do you think about the collaboration with us?

- Cosa pensate della collaborazione con noi?

- Fantastic as it enhances the relation between different countries exchange opinions in different

- What subjects do you study?

- Che cosa studiate?

- We study different subjects like Math, English, Frinch, Geography, History, Arabic and Science.

- What do you think about our culture?

- Cosa pensate della nostra cultura?

- For me I consider it the mother and origin of world cultures

- How large is your school?

- Quanto è grande la vostra scuola?

- I send you a photo of our school. It is rather big.

- What are your hobbies?

- Quali sono i vostri hobbies?

- Playing football and reading books.

- Are your teachers likable?

- I vostri insegnanti sono piacevoli?

- Most of teachers are likable where as some are frustrating

- How do you spend your daily life? Where do you live?

- Come impiegate la vostra giornata? Dove vivete?

- Studing, visiting some relatives, meeing friends and many other things

- What are your favourite sports?

- Quali sono i vostri sport preferiti? 

- Football and tennis

- Which are the most appealing resources in Egypt?

- Quali sono le risorse più interessanti in Egitto?

- Agriculture, tourism and industry

- What are your usual dresses?- Come vi vestite normalmente?

 - Shirts and trousers.

- Are your town near the sea or in the hinterland?

- La vostra città è vicino al mare o nell'entroterra? 

- No, I live far away from the sea.

- What's the most important economic activity your country?

- Qual è l'attività economica più importante del vostro Paese?

- Activating the monumental places

- How are your houses made of and look like?

- Come sono costruite le vostre case e che aspetto hanno?

- Blocks of flats

- How your towns look like?

- Che aspetto hanno le vostre città? 

- Crowded with heavy traffics

- How large is your town?

- Quanto è grande la vostra città? 

- Very large but small areas crowded with habitats.

- What are your parents' most common jobs?

- Quali sono i lavori più comuni dei vostri genitori? 

- A farmer and a house wife.

- Are your school equipped with some laboratories and other special resources?

- La vostra scuola è equipaggiata con laboratori e risorse speciali?

Yes four computer labs, wireless lab science lab music and art rooms

- Have you problems with water (delivery, dinkableness, etc,)?- Avete problemi con l'acqua (mancanza, non potabilità...) ?

 - No we have pure and clean water.

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