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  El nacimiento del Ebro 

The place where the Ebron river springs







Dove nasce? (in quale Regione o Stato? Su quale montagna? A che altezza?)
Where does that river rise? (In what region, country, mountain. At which altitude?)


The Ebro river was born in Fontibre
Quanto è lungo?
How long is it?
The Ebro river is 928 km long
Qual è la larghezza massima?
How wide is it?
The maximum width of the river Ebro  is ......... meters
Qual è la profondità massima?
How deep is it?
The maximum depth of the river Ebro is ................ metres
Qual è la portata massima?
Which is its flow rate?
The maximum flow of the river is some 745 (426) m³/s
Quali regioni o Stati attraversa?
Which regions or countries it flows across?
Quali importanti città tocca?
Which important cities it flows through?
The most important cities across the River Ebro are: Logroño, Tudela, Saragozza.





     Miranda de Ebro

E’ navigabile?
Is it a navigable river?

The Ebro river is navigable

da grandi navi o da piccole barche?
Is that river sailed by small or large size boats or ships?

The commercial navigation and the navigation tourist are possible

Quanti e quali sono gli affluenti?
How many and which are its affluents ?

The most important affluents are: 

Fornisce acqua per quali attività?
Does it yeld water for what activities?

The Ebro river provides water for electricity generation, irrigation and cultivation of rice

Ci sono esondazioni? In che periodo dell’anno e in che tratti? Sono sempre solo dannose?
Is it responsible for regular floodings? In which part of the year and in what parts of its path it spills? Are its floodings always harmful?
Ci sono periodi di secca? In che periodo dell’anno e in che tratti?
Has it any dryness periods? In which month(s) of the year and in which parts of its path?
Quali animali e piante vivono in questo fiume?
What animal species and plants are living along that river?
Quali sono i problemi da risolvere per questo fiume? (animali o piante dannosi, inquinamento...)
Are there any problems to be solved for that river? (harmfull plants or animals, pollution...)
Il fiume in quale mare sfocia?
Which sea it flows into?

Ebro river flows into Mediterraneo sea

La sua foce è a delta o ad estuario?
Is its mouth an estuary or a delta?

It's estuary is a delta

Entra od esce da qualche lago?
Is it originated by any lake or has a lake in it course?
Questo fiume forma cascate?
Does it form waterfalls?
Su questo fiume sono nate e si sono sviluppate grandi civiltà?
Have been any great civilitations born and grown around it?


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